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Feb 29 2016 - New website coming
Yep no joke there is a new website being made so updates won't be over a year apart anymore. We made a new page on Discogs for the distro. DEAD is touring in April with MoE from Norway. DEAD has 4 LPs being released soon plus some other surprises.

April 2014 - We're even on Facebook now
We just joined facebook, just in time for it to go out of style. The DEAD/No Anchor Split 7 inch is out. The DEAD/Vaz split 7 inch is out. The 3rd LP from Peter Black is nearly out. And a fucking split between Hard Ons and The Necks is around the corner. Holy shit. Also we now do screen printing for others. Contact us to get your next LP Sleeve, Poster, T shirt etc. printed up. The 3rd DEAD LP is also being mixed. Another update coming in about 6 months.

July 2013 - Updates are becoming scarce
The Pure Evil Trio 8" record is now well and truly out. It is an absolute honour to be involved with a band who we believe are one of the fines Sydney has ever produced. Recordings from this guys are all too rare and always precious. DEAD are heading back to USA this August to play Total Fest, Release the Idiots LP locally via Eolian Empire and to record with Toshi Kasai. This is all exciting as all fuck. In November Cyberne and DEAD will tour the east coast together. Do not miss this tour it will be something truly special. This thing is updated infrequently. My html skills are getting worse and there is always other stuff to do.

Feb 2013 - DEAD and Vaz LPs are on
DEAD toured every State and Territory in Australia late last year. It was awesome to play some new places in this big, wide and flat land. Alice Springs was a paritcular highlight. Can't wait to get back there. We did the East Coast, S.A and W.A with Vaz from Brooklyn. They were amazing. The show attendances were not. Vaz put on an amazing set each night regardless while we set record low crowd numbers across the country. The new DEAD LP is well and truly out. Mail order it from us, get it at shows or at good indy record stores (if they don't have it in tell them to get it!). Some people have even been buying it digitally, these people are legends. There is also a small stash left of Vaz LPs that were made up for the tour. Hand screen printed, download code you know the drill by now. And finally keep an ear our for a new release from the one and only Pure Evil Trio and a split 7 inch featuring DEAD and another killer band.

Nov 2012 - New Fed-x 7 Inch Out now. DEAD LP out digitally
DEAD came and went to Japan. Of course it was awesome. Cyberne, Knellt and Realized showed us a killer time. We are now at the beginning of a full national tour. No bands of our ilk really do that in Australia. Good for us. WER has just released a 7 inch by the one and only Federation X. That's right. Those dudes from Bellingham that I have loved for many years. Go to the shop page and you'll find your way to it. This is very exciting for us, I hope it's exciting for you. The gig page is not up to date. Sorry I am too busy actually booking shows to update it. Go to the DEAD website for the full tour dates. Vaz will be here in November. if you miss them I just can't help you, you are a lost cause dude. They are one of the best bands you will ever get to see, certainly one of the loudest. The new DEAD LP is out now. Only digital at the moment. The LPs are yet to arrive from USA. Any day now I hope. DEAD also have new T-shirts at all the shows.

July 2012 - DEAD second album around the corner + some other releases
The second album from DEAD will be called IDIOTS. It is going to be mastered any day now and Jace is busying himself in sub zero conditions in Castlemaine getting the drawings done for the cover art. It will be released on LP and Digital by WeEmptyRooms in November 2012. LP will have two versions. One version will be super limited and super special fancy handmade blah blah blah you know the deal with us by now. The other will be a more normal version but still look and feel better than your average LP. This is because we can't afford the time or money to do a heap of copies with our hand made wanky covers. Join the mailing list if you wanna find out how to get your hands on a fancy version. We are also working on a re-press of THUNDAAAAAH! and that will be out in time for these winter DEAD shows so long as the pressing plant gets their part done in time. There is also a bunch of other great releases in the pipeline. More on that later 'cos I don't wanna jynx anything.

May 2012 - Rock out and help out Blackie!
Yep it sucks. Our dear friend Blackie of Hard Ons and Nunchukka Superfly fame was the victim of a physical assault while working driving a cab. The underground music community are banding together to show some support for a man who has done an immeasurable amount for Aussie punk rock. Get yourself to one of the benefit shows, buy some merch and help this bloke pay the rent whil he out of work. Also the new DEAD album was recorded at Headgap. it's gonna be fucking sick! Expect a November release.

March 2012 - Get involved in the DEAD Pozible Campaign and get awesome stuff!
Order the DEAD LP here I have 12 copies left of the DEAD LP as i type this. Get in now if you want one. The KARP doco screening was ace. Hopefully we will do more. DEAD record for a new album and split 7" with No Anchor in May. Both of these will be released this year. DEAD tour Japan in September with Cyberne. Nunchukka Superfly are recording new stuff. Hard Ons have been on tour for about 67 years now. Oh yeah if you click that image above you'll be taken to the DEAD pozible page. We are selling rare stuff and not so rare stuff to raise funds for the album recording. Get involved, you'll feel really special.

Jan 30th 2012 - Happy New Year, DEAD go to New Zealand
Order the DEAD LP here Actually the Aussie version of the DEAD LP is on it's way to selling out. Bout 150 of the 200 copies pressed have sold since it's release on Oct. 31. That's 50 a month. So if that keeps up it will be sold out by April for sure. Now very exciting news is the announcement of the KARP documentary screening in Melbourne. Email me if you want to reserve a ticket or purchase a DVD copy. KARP Lives Don't sleep on this, it will sell out. DEAD are working on a remix album, it won't suck and will feature a heap of great artists.

Nov 30th 2011 - DEAD LP is selling fast
Order the DEAD LP here The DEAD/Cyberne East Coast tour was absolutely killer. Thankyou to the great many people who helped make it possible. The DEAD LP is selling fast. 100 copies gone and we have not even started promoting it properly. This will be the only pressing to feature such awesome and labour intensive packaging. If it sells out I hope there will be a second pressing of some kind but I can't guarantee that by any means. DEAD are also touring New Zealand for the first time in February including an appearance at cult festival Camp A Low Hum

September 24th 2011 - DEAD return from US tour, Embark on East Coast Tour
Pre-Order the DEAD LP here DEAD have returned from a one month tour of USA with Unstoppable Death Machines These blokes put on a killer show every night and we hope to see them come over to Oz in 2012 so we can return the favour. the DEAD LP is availble NOW from Wantage USA if you are northern Hemispherian. Southerners gotta wait about one more week for the WeEmptyRooms pressing to be ready. Cannot thank Josh Vanek enough for supporting our US tour and running total fest. Missoula truly is a magical place full of amazing human beings, we can't get back soon enough. DEAD are back on the road this weekend for a short run of NSW and ACT. Then the Australia LP launch tour begins with 12 dates on the East coast with Japanese legends Cyberne. This is truly exciting stuff, any fans of heavy, fucked up tunes do not want to miss the power of Cyberne live. Full dates and supports announced soon.

June 18th 2011 - I'm on the bandcamp bandwagon
WeEmptyRooms Webstore Get on board ans stream and purchase to your hearts content. There is even a killer deal for 3XLPs $55 post paid. That's some outstanding value right there.

May 24th 2011 - DEAD return from SE Asia a little fatter
DEAD & onion have returned from an amazing run through South East Asia. There are too many people to thank but none so more than the tireless champion Cher Tan of 7x0x7 booking collective without whom there would have been no tour. Footage and pics from the shows are trickling in and will make it to the DEAD website in the coming weeks. We released a cassete version of the DEAD album for the tour and it sold way faster than we anticipated. Sorry to people who missed out on a copy. If you ask real nicely the good people of Ricecooker record shop in Kuala Lumpur may still have a copy for you. The LP version is a couple of months away. Also Inappopriate Tough Guy Behaviour are playing a couple of very rare shows! How exciting. Well it is for us anyway. There are 3 or 4 copies of the ITGB LP left. Come to a show if you want one.

March 4th 2011 - Hard Ons Live LPs are in the mail to YOU.
The Hard Ons LPs took a lot longer to get out than I planned. Thank you all for being so patient. It's selling well, maybe i will even make my costs back! Hard Ons will be touring Australia in March/April so you cna grab a copy at a show too if you like. DEAD are currently bookina a tour of USA for August 2011. Wantage USA will release the DEAD LP over there and WER will do a local release. Exciting times lay just ahead. Oh but before that they will tour SE Asia! Yes that deserves an exclamation mark. And finally I am very excited and very proud to announce an incredbibly rare Melbourne performance from Japanese Industrial/noise musician/inventor DEFEKTRO!!! Collabortator with Bastard Noise, builder ofinsane stomp boxes you can buy and creator of his own, one of a kind instruments. Defektro has not played melbourne in a few years and this will be something special indeed.

Jan 11th 2011 - Hard Ons/Manges split 7 " out NOW!.
Split label release between a million labels across the world. The WER version is ltd to 150. The first 122 are on marbled vinyl (all different colours) and the rest are on black vinyl. The band also have black copies for sale at shows. Go to the shop page to buy one. If you have a store or distro get in quick 'cos these won't last forever. Inappopriate Tough Guy Behaviour are playing their first Melbourne show in AAAAAAAGES. Feb 17th at the Arthouse. It's gonna go off. DEAD will have a record out by May. You can quote me on that.

Dec. 13th - Hard Ons Pre-Orders are open.
Go to the SHOP page if you want to Pre-Order the New Hard Ons Live LP. These will post out early to mid January. Not much else to say really. The DEAD undies are selling well, come to the next gig and we will have hoodies too. Oh and come to the Fire Witch show at The Tote on Christmas eve. They are supporting SOTIS who rock extremely hard.

Nov 30th 2010: DEAD lives!.
DEAD played their first gigs on Fri and Sunday. Thanks to all the people who came down and supported the shows. We were pretty nervous and having mates come down made us less so. We also did a live to Air on 3CR AM and you can download MP3s of the show here If the link doesn't work just copy and paste this into ya browser
The DEAD tour continues this weekend in Adelaide, then Melbourne again, then the East Coast. If you want a pair of screen printed DEAD undies let us know 'cos i'm not going to make too many of them. I figure they are a limited market! Oh and DEAD also have a website:

Nov 12th 2010: DEAD is upon us.
DEAD is upon us! Possibly the most talked about band in my living room for the last 2 months, and definitely the most impatient in the history of WER. The band formed in September and will play their first show on Nov 26th at The Prague, Thornbury with Wicked City, Nunchukka Superfly & Teen Archer. They then hit up Adelaide the week after, East coast after that and are currently booking a South East Asian tour for May 2011! Have they done a recording yet? No. Has that hindered them booking shows? Slightly. Fangs of a Vengeful Altar Boy will play their first ever show at The Old Bar on Dec 10th. And it is to launch their split 7" with Injured Ninja (Perth). I would advise attending this show. Blackie (Hard Ons) will finally release his solo album this month! It's been years in waiting and well worth it from the sneak peaks i have received. Come to the Old Bar on Nov 27th (sat) 3-6pm to help him launch it. Also playing that day will be Laral and Roller One.

Oct 10th 2010: I am webmaster of power!
The site is looking better don't you think? Look how many kickarse shows there are to go and see. DEAD is a new band comprised of Jace (Fangs of...) and Jem (ITGB/FireWitch/Fangs of...). They don't have any recordings out but that's done nothing to stop them booking a tour. Go see this band, it's going to be really special.

September 9th: 2010: New Releases in the can
Hard Ons LP is off to the presser. Pre orders for the Hard Ons Live LP (ltd. 500 copies)will be open shortly. If you are on the WER mailing list you will find out when and you won't miss out. Check the WER myspace page for killer shows coming up in Melbourne and NSW. All this webmaster stuff stresses me out! Proper webstore coming sometime in 2025.