DEAD, Polyester Records 2016 © Zo Damage

DEAD, Polyester Records 2016 © Zo Damage




What a band!

Australia | NZ Labels

Bro Fidelity 
Co-Releaser of the Fire Witch LIARS! CD. Ben Wrecker; drummer of two piece bro jammers “Hotel Wrecking City Traders” and a man who releases music because he loves it.

Two or three blokes who tirelessly release music in ltd. runs and put on shows that have a tendency to yield small but dedicated turnouts.

Sweat Lung
Noisy and obscure label of Pete Hyde; known best for brutal vocal contributions to Whitehorse/CTV/Occult Blood and 100 others. Also grows a mean beard.

Spanish Magic
Big city hipsters could learn alot from this down to earth crew outta Newcastle. In addition to running this label they contribute musically to Castings and run Vox Cyclops; an unusually good record store/gallery/venue.

Overseas Labels

Wantage USA
Releaser of the Fire Witch 10 inch and DEAD LP in the USA. Upholder of DIY ethics. Provider of influence and guidance to the WeEmptyRooms journey. Great label, great distro.

Super Fi
Long running bedroom label from UK releasing stuff from Boris, Geisha and more.

Conspiracy Records

Crucial Blast
How Adam finds time to release so much heavy music is beyond me. This label is prolific and the webstore is extensive and informative. If you like it heavy and bleak and oh so much more, look no further!

Fuck Yoga Records
Label from Macedonia who loves it heavy.