DEAD are making records

DEAD are currently mixing the new album “Raving and Drooling” with Mike Deslandes. He is unreal, cant recommend him enough. Also about to hit the studio with Toshi Kasai again to make a pop record - we think. I mean fuck who knows?

No tours on the horizon right now. Dark Mofo was a blast with DEAD playing two sets and Nunchukka Superfly playing too. Hard Ons are touring a new album soon. Creston Spiers has another album in the can which we hope to see out soon.

Thanks a heap to you all.

Creston Spiers is selling out! DEAD "Hog Bits" 12" out NOW

Yes yes yes we suck at the updates. We released the debut Creston Spiers LP late 2018. It’s amazing and it will sell out some time soon. No we won’t re-press ‘cos we’d rather doing something new with him.

Get it here:

DEAD FINALLY finished The Trilogy. Yes this is the 5th LP in that series and yes it’s over now. Limited pressing of 60 copies so don’t expect it to last long:

Also Jace from DEAD has launched a solo…um…career?? Whatever you call it it’s great music and he’s touring Australia in Jan/Feb with Blackie from Hard Ons. Here is a little teaser:

Oh and in case you missed it Leech Beech released an album in 2018. This band is comprised of Apollo Liftoff (Vaz/Hammerhead/Novacron), Adam Marx (Novacron/Seawhores) and Jem (DEAD). It sold out but you can get the digital version here:

What Next?? DEAD are finishing another album soon. It’s a belter, honestly will be the best yet. Working on a release plan for that now. Jace will release a solo album because why the hell not? And everything else is a secret for now.

Yes We Still Exist!

Yes we are still here! In fact we have a very fucking exciting release on the way which we will announce very very soon.

DEAD are writing new material, no surprises there. Jem will be on tour in the US in August with Leech Beech and guesting with Avola (aka Eat My Shit).

See you soon.