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As a rule I bite off more than I can chew. Always. A while back I interviewed Mark Deutrom while DEAD were on tour in Austin, Texas.  The recording turned out crappy so we used that conversation as a jump off point for a long form interview which has now been published here:

Come to think of it that interview probably sparked the idea to do a split LP together. There you go. In other news Mark has now signed to Season of Mist so hopefully that sees his music reach more ears.

Speaking of biting off more than you can chew …
Our friend Vern (aka EMS) over in Oregon, USA has some unexpected medical bills to pay. Vern is an essential part of the WER family. Quite literally a lot of our operations would not happen without her. So we are flogging some precious wares with all money raised going towards her bills. ORIGINAL ink drawings (pictured above) can be found here:

In addition to that ALL sales (until August 13th) on our bandcamp page will go towards the cause:

The Damage Report
Last year our friend Zo Damage ran a fairly silent and arduous marathon. For a whole year she photographed live bands EVERY NIGHT, often running between 2 or 3 gigs or more a night. She's turned the whole project into an enormous book because like us she does nothing by halves. DEAD have the honour of being the only 35mm print in the whole book!

DEAD, Polyester Records © Zo Damage

DEAD, Polyester Records © Zo Damage

You can order The Damage Report here:

Oh and DEAD "Untitle" LP is sold out! Get the last copies from Discogs, Robotic Empire, Wantag USA and … us your detective skills.

Thanks for reading.